As their name lets on, Carbon Poppies is cheeky and poppy, and unabashedly so. The trio, made up of Allison Bohl, Jonny Campos, and Peter DeHart, delivers its sweetheart harmonies in the emotional register of power pop: Their hooks have barbs that are as cutting as they are catchy. Hailing from Lafayette, Louisiana, these songsters joined up to record their 6-track EP, titled, “And Don’t the Kids Just Love It.” Due out November 27, only for digital download and vinyl, “And Don’t the Kids Just Love It,” marries ’60s pop duets with lo-fi indie folk and ’70s punk rock. Carbon Poppies creates an alternate version of music history—Mickey and Sylvia or Patience and Prudence time traveling to experiment with vocal processors and flew to New Zealand to record for Flying Nun Records. They sound of talented, pop-cultured musicians whose admirations are employed but ultimately overtaken by the irrepressible charm of their own melody-making, a sound that is as saturated, grainy, and nostalgia-inducing as photos of yesterdays valentines.


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